Frank Ipplito: Visual Artist and Musician

In a brightly lit room filled with paintings,  as Pink Floyd played in the background, artist Frank Ipplito happily talks about his work and upcoming projects.  

As long as he can remember Frank knew he was going into some form of art. After college he found a job as an illustrator at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. He worked there for 30 years and developed a parallel career as a freelance scientific illustrator for clients such as “Scientific American Magazine”. But all along, Frank was exploring arts in places such as The Art Students League in New York City. In 2014 he retired from the museum and rented the studio at Merseles to pursue fine art and music full time.

“I was the 1st wave of artists who moved in when Merseles was first opened by JCTC in March of 2014. Being a new space, the setup was open, clean, and uncluttered. Once things got up to speed, it was clear that the people running it were committed to fostering a creative atmosphere in multiple projects around the neighborhood,” said Ipplito.

His art work attempts to harness the energy and emotion of the subject and tends to lean towards a highly realistic way to effectively convey the dreamscape.

“A main aspect of my work is my pursuit of figurative arts, painting and drawing from the live model. The human form in both full figure and portraiture embodies the most expressive subject possible. It is one that comes bundled with emotional complexity and great nuance. But I also push into conceptual imagery through painting and computer rendering,” explains Ipplito.

Not only is he an artist, but he is also a musician who released a CD inspired by a water metaphor called The Watermark Project. As an artist he feels that is important to branch out into different types of art forms and to continue expand his mind and work.

“I can appreciate an artist with great technical facilities, I lean more towards artists who can also convey emotional content in their rendering of subject matter,” said Ipplito.

In the future Frank sees himself leaning more towards animation work and continuing to expand his art. He wants to explore different venues to exhibit his art around town and see wherever life takes him.

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