Get Ready for the Warm Weather!

Image By: Emily Alequin
Image By: Emily Alequin

After a blustery cold and harsh winter, every one seems to be on the look out for spring and it’s return of warm weather, flowery trees, and entertainment driven cities. Considering the not so stable weather we’ve been experiencing in the northeast it is no surprise why on a good day people crowd to places like Times Square, Broadway, and Fashion Ave. But there are many places that has been forgotten in the city, and New Jersey that are like hidden gems to get you pumped for spring again.

One of the sure signs of spring is the amount of public events and festivals that will start to appear on our social calendars. There’s no better way to get rid of those winter blues than to get outside! Over the past few weekends, a number of events were held throughout New York City and of course here in New Jersey; events meant to both entertain the public and get everyone in the mood for sun and not snow.

On a journey to discover how the public was looking to get into the spring of things we visited three events at three different locations: The Sakura Matsuri Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, The Spring Revival at South Street Seaport’s Pier 16 in NYC, and the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival in, you guessed it, Hoboken!

Here we take a happy skip along to show you where you may
find these charms, and to start; how about we takSakuraMatsuriCoverPhotoe a trip to the Botanical Gardens? Just click the pic and let’s go!

(Transportation) HOW DO I GET TO…


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