Art Comes Home


It could be the grinning Joker painted on a canvas that first attracted attention, or maybe the picture of the Lolita doll with the frame wrapped in roses,either way this booth at the Art’s and Music Festival was too good to past up.  Co-founder of the Rose and Renegade, Christian Masot, shares why he came back to Hudson County to showcase his work. The artist and his fiance Alexandra reveal that it was there first time showcasing  at the Hoboken Art’s and Music Festival but not there first time doing art shows.  “I’ve traveled all over the country doing shows and there is nothing more I’d like to do to than come back home and do a show here” says Christian.


Christian is somewhat of a jack of all trades dabbling in painting, photography, and tattooing. The Rose and the Renegade specializes  in , rustic furniture , antiques ,photography, fine art, printing and home decor. To learn more about The Rose and the Renegade watch their interview at the Hoboken Art’s and Music Festival video Here. Be sure to check out their instagram @theroseandtherenegade

You can follow Christian on instagram @christianmasot or visit his website


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