Spring in Hoboken


Welcome to Hoboken! A little less sea, a little more city. Here we have one of the most well known festivals in the town of Hoboken and it sets a great stage for new artists and up and coming bands. If  you’re into finding new shops, music, and plenty of dogs i suggest you take a stop here the next time a festival’s held! You can click HERE if you’re interested!

The Hoboken Spring Arts and Music Festival celebrated its 20th birthday on May 4th 2014 with a flood of artists, crafters and vendors and three stages worth of entertainment. In our quest for something to give us a spring in our step we met some awesome artists and designers who have never been to arts festival before and looking to expand themselves there. If you’re ever interested in going to a festival in Hoboken just for fun, it’s free of charge! and if you would like to become a part of the festival next year, feel free to contact Director: Leo Pellegrini at 201 – 420 – 2012 for inquires!

Take a peak into who and what we came across!

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In the music filled, and food induced streets of Hoboken we found some great people to who was willing to talk to us. One was a roseman who created paintings that’ll be feminine enough for a female and just edgy enough to keep a male’s interest while shopping for it. You can check out their page HERE.

image (1)If furniture isn’t exactly what you need or particularly like, we found this cute little vintage on-the-go shop called Vagabondia which also focuses on all thing vintage! Click HERE to check out the page!


Hoboken is just thriving with artists and one artist in particular by the name of Layes caught our eye. Layes has done a ton of artwork from iconic faces to personal portraits and things that may just interest him enough to paint. Not only did Layes come with his cool paintings but also his feathery friends! If you would like check out more of Layes Art in detail you can check out his personal website on the link. You can also check for him on Facebook and Instagram and if you would like to see what feathery friend we’re talking about you can see him below

Thanks for Watching and check out the Credits Page to meet the team!


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