Welcome to the Botanical Gardens Cherry Blossom Festival Known As…




        So you made it? I’m glad. The Botanical Gardens is known for it’s beautiful cherry blossom festival that is held annually but have you heard of the Sakura Matsuri? It is one of the most popular public events of the year at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The event is held RAIN or SHINE (performances and activities will be tented in case of rain). Make sure you get there early because the festival starts at 10 a.m and the lines are always long.

        Many events are held at the Bontanical Gardens but we specifically focused on Sakura Matsuri because of how much Japanese Culture was showcased with it. Whether it be food, fashion, games, or just walking around in traditional kimono wear, the Sakura Matsuri portion of the Botanical Garden festival brings out a huge crowd of people looking  for a different New York. The annual two day celebration of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture, Sakura Matsuri  features over 60 performances, demonstrations, and exhibits. For a look into what you can get yourself into you can click on the video below.

This event officially marked the beginning of cherry blossom season so be sure to go out there and view the cherry blossom trees in all of their glorious beauty!

By the way, we met one interesting character at the festival by the name of Oscar and he had with him two very cute and interesting companions. Check out his page HERE.

SouthstreetSeaportCoverPhotoOr,…maybe you don’t particularly like gardens and have terrible allergies, well you can tag along with us as we go to South Street Seaport. It’s a little fishy but I think you can handle it. You know what to do; click that pic!



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