‘The Dopeness’


            By Paige Hall and Chris Brabson

Since its inception Slam Poetry has become one the most famous underground arts that continually sweeps the nation, even the globe. It continues to grow even though it has never garnered a mainstream reputation. However artist have expressed to either feeling some tart about that others seeing it as a way of keeping the art real.

One spot that is gaining major buzz for hosting slams is right here in the streets of Jersey City. The Dopeness. It is surely living up to its name even garnering a visit from the poetic rapper himself Kanye West.

The artist that come out to perform to at the open mic nights/poetry slams are some uniquely talented people that may one day make this play a city landmark for Jersey City.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.55.17 PM

If you ever have chance to visit this small treasure located on 332 2nd St you will immediately understand where they get the name from.

 By Paige Hall and Chris Brabson

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