About Us

woahThe Dirt on Jersey City is an award-winning multimedia website produced by St. Peter’s University’s Journalism students.  The site features stories about Jersey City and the surrounding community.

Advisor:  Professor Ernabel Demillo

Spring 2017 –

Samantha Storm, Malieva Hedberg, Awilda Pomales-Diaz, Christopher Flores, Eric Lesser,          R.J. Meliscat, Briana Benitez


Spring 2016

Jenna Carbin
Blaire Conner
Daniela Franco
Amanda Jones
Krystal Nurse
Diamond Reid
Gabriella Robles
Yasleen Trinidad


FALL 2014

Marichka Milord
Paige Hall
Chris Brabson
Celesté McElveen
Melissa Osorio
Danielle Pimentel
Armond Marke
Mark Kenny




Multimedia Class Spring 2014
Multimedia Class Spring 2014

Click on the student’s name to read their multimedia stories!

Emily Alequin

Tatiana Ferarro

Carlos Gonzalez

Matthew Holowienka

Dominique Korangteng

Garvey Potter

Michelle Raghunandan

Francesca Rizzo

Essence Rogers

Ksenia Stsepyetkina

Adina Unguerean-Halagian


FALL 2012:

(Click the students to read their stories!)

Tevin Cunningham, Class of 2013

Helen McGavin, Class of 2014

Dylan Smith, Class of 2014

James Smith, Class of 2014



Chelci Bidos, Class of 2012
Michelle Chalen, Class of 2013
Lily Gibson
Quiana Porter, Class of 2012
Yvon Raymond, Class of 2013
Ashley Romero, Class of 2012
Eric Soimes, Class of 2013

FALL 2011

The Fall 2011 Multimedia Reporting Class

If you have any story idea or comments please let us know!

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