Post-Pandemic World

Saint Peter’s students explore living in a post-pandemic world.

Lockdown’s Silver Lining

By Valeria Calle, Class of 2023

Escaping the consequences of COVID-19, a pandemic that took everyone by surprise, was almost impossible for anyone. Some people were in the process of starting their own businesses, and others were not mentally ready for the isolation that the entire world was subject to. 

While the older generations were just adjusting to the digital world, Adrienne Romero and Neidy Gutierrez—both affected by all the unexpected changes from the pandemic, reevaluated their after-graduation projects, and came together to create Slice of Culture—a digital news outlet that covers the Hudson County Area and has been helpful for many people. 

Gen Z Education

By Kevin Guevara, Class of 2022

During the last 2 years students, teachers, and parents have all had to make an equal effort in picking up pace and closing the gap from remote to in-class courses. For students that left for quarantine as middle school students and came back as high school students there were growing worries among parents and administrators. Not only would education be impacted but social behavior would take time to adjust as well.

New Jersey Rugby, Post Covid

by Cassie Beynon, Exchange Student, England

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on physical activity and sport, affecting professional, elite, collegiate, tactical, occupational, and recreational athletes. Morris’ participation was widely curtailed in 2020 to reduce viral spread, while tactical and occupational endeavors have required special precautions and modifications.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Oswaldo Sanchez, Class of 2023

Thanks to COVID-19 and the pandemic, a lot of businesses and industries had to shut down during 2020. One of them being the music industry; looking back at that time, the music industry was one of the first ones to shut down in the entertainment world, as well as one of the last ones to be fully active again; the music world took a sharp left turn in terms of earnings, specifically in recording and publishing aspect.