Talking with a Muslim

By R.J. Meliscat, ’17

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Refugees in The City


All photos by RJ Meliscat

It’s 8 a.m in the Jersey City path station and  it’s full of eager Syrian refugees, young and old excited to see New York for the first time since arriving to America.


The American Muslim who volunteer first encountered each other at East Coast Muslim Convention this year and have been helping refugees get situated to the American culture. The leader of the volunteer group, sister Lila, wanted to continue the accumulation of the two cultures by taking the refugees families on a tour of New York City.

“The parents and kids have seen a lot of the last year. We feel like it’s important to just give them days to just relax and enjoy life,” said Lila.


The tour began with the guide Chris Mason performing a magic trick for the children and parents, which lifted the spirits of everyone who was their.

“Giving the situation and Syria and what they had to do through to get here I was glad to volunteer my time to show them the city,” said Mason.

For teenager refugees like Ahmed seeing the city was a blessing experiences coming from a place in constant war.

“There’s always killing in Syria, but here in America there’s peace, I like, peace,” said Ahmed.

The day ended with smiles and laughter for all who joined.