A Long Chapter Ends for a New One to Begin



All of your life, sports have made your world go around. From the moment you can remember, you’ve been in the gym or on the field playing and practicing the game. It was your first love, the one thing you truly gave your one hundred percent effort, and has shaped you into the person you are today. Imagine all of that suddenly coming to an end with the reality of adulthood. Saint Peter’s senior student athletes Lee Harrison and Elias Desport are graduating this May and are finishing the last chapter of their long athletic career.

Desport grew up playing and being around basketball, so his college career ending is going to be a tough transition. However, he plans to play overseas, so he’s not hanging up the jersey quite yet.

“I’m going to try and play overseas, so that’s what I’m striving for right now,” he said. “But the fact that my collegiate career is over, it is sad. It’s definitely sad.”

Harrison on the other hand is reluctantly putting down the glove, wishing she had a little more time left to play college softball.

“That’s a thing I have not come to terms with yet. Anytime someone brings it up, I’m just like, don’t say that, don’t talk about it, it’s not real,” she said. “I’m not ready for it to be over.”

But, she is excited for the future, with hopes of moving on to graduate school to study marine science.

“Now, I just realize that doing something that is actually going to help the environment and something that I love is actually all the more worth it.”

They both are moving on to a new chapter, whether it’s continuing the sport or education, but they will always miss these past four years at Saint Peter’s.

“You’re always going to miss those moments you had with your teammates. Whether it’s in the locker room, in the hotels, the road trips, or around the dinner table,” Desport said. “Just the whole process you’re going to miss that too. Even though once you’re in the process, in practice and workouts you always feel tired, but I know somewhere down the line I’m going to think, ‘Damn, I miss this’.”

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