IN(Ward) Move to Jersey City 

By: Yasleen Trinidad and Bridget Whitfield

As a part of their identity series, the Jersey City Theater Center invited the dancers of DRIGG productions to Merseles Studio for a special performance called, IN (Ward) on April 22nd through the 23rd.

Founded by dancers, Khadija Ahmaddiya and Mark Castera, DRIGG Productions is a Philadelphia-based dance and film company, specializing in combining dance, film, and live musical performances.

According to DRIGG Productions, IN (Ward) is “a multimedia exploration of modern culture, hidden identity, and the loss of self-referral. A representation of human behavior and the constant search for outward affirmation.”

Photo by Bridget Whitfield

The title of the production IN (Ward) comes from, “An inward search to transpire out into the world through art and culture,” said co-founder Khadija Ahmaddiya.

Using only the movement of their bodies to tell a story, the performance was put together by repertoire used in another DRIGG Productions performance called Smoke Lines.

Photo by Bridget Whitfield

“I see growth from Smoke Lines to IN (Ward) and I felt more in touch with the artists,” states Ahmaddiya.

According to JCTC coordinator, Timothy Herrick, it was the largest crowd they’ve ever witnessed for a performance, selling out the show on both days.

“I was amazed by the support Jersey City has shown us and being so engaged as an audience,” said Ahmaddiya.

She continues, “I couldn’t have asked for a better show.”

Photo by Bridget Whitfield

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