Sights and Sounds in Havana

(This is part of the Jersey City in Havana Series, multimedia stories produced by St. Peter’s students who spent Spring Break in Cuba.)

Shot, Produced and Edited By Brian Bates, Class of 2021

Havana Fisherman


Café Al Cappuccino Habana

Live music is common in Havana. They provide a fun atmosphere and the music is always lively.

Gas Station
Gas stations in Cuba are extremely rare with customers mainly being tourists and truck drivers.  You won’t find too many snacks at the gas stations if your hungry, but will find rum.


Making Piña Colada


Souvenirs are a must in Cuba! You can buy T-shirts, art, toys and of course Cuban Cigar cutters and cases. This woman found a unique way to lure customers to her store. 

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