History in Photographs

By Neidy Gutierrez, Class of 2020

Over the years, McGinley Square has evolved into the fast-moving town that it is. Through renovations of buildings, destruction of old buildings and construction of new ones, McGinley has overgone years of gentrification.

Take a trip down memory lane and check out how some of today’s popular buildings looked like back in the 1950s.

“View of waiting room for bus passengers. Remington sign on Foye Place. Center of Junction of Bergen Ave. and Montgomery St.” The McGinley Square bus depot was called the “comfort station,” which was located on Bergen Triangle or Montgomery Junction. The station was built in 1915 after Mrs. Edwards, wife of the state senator at the time. In 1973, after 50 plus years of service, the comfort station came to an end. No one seemed to protest its closure.


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The apartment complex is located on Glenwood between Kennedy Boulevard and West Side Avenue. During the 1980s, Saint Peter’s College bought the building and it became the school’s first dormitory.


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Storms Avenue looking from Bergen Avenue. (1950s)


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Once a car dealership, this building was later bought by Saint Peter’s College and turned into Rankin Hall. Locations on the corner of Montgomery Street and West Side Avenue. (1950s)


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Northwest corner of Bergen Avenue and Montgomery Street. (1950s)


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