Heart of Steel: How an Ancient Craft Has Evolved

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By Mark Rotundo

“I have a saying that every knife you make cuts you. Making good shit hurts.”

Theodore Nazz, a Brooklyn son and bladesmith, is someone who has always relished in the hurt.

The ultimate drive for a human being is the will to create. To create means to take a piece of yourself and put that into a piece of the Earth.

For millennia, the human condition was defined as such. From the moment we discovered fire we have done nothing but create. From our creations came the advent of civilization and organized society.

The unnamed founders of human civilization came not in the form of warriors or kings, but rather from the craftsmen. The farmers, the leatherworkers, the potters, the poets and most especially the blacksmiths.

Justin Kirck, a former “Forged in Fire” contestant, works with Theo in his Brooklyn forge and can be seen working on…

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