Inside the High Stakes World of Counter Strike Skin Trading

The Headliner

Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) is a first-person shooter video game created by Valve on the platform Steam that has been a game changer in the digital item economy. CSGO has a virtual skin market where players can trade virtual weapon skins for real world money to other players. Skins are created by the developer of CSGO. A Skin is an in-game weapon that changes the appearance of an in-game weapon or item. Skins are solely cosmetic and don’t give any advantages in the game. These skins are purchased using real money in the virtual world of Counter Strike. This lucrative business is making some players six figure salaries. Released in August 2013, the community has opened over 30 millions skins up to 2018.

Outsiders to video games usually wonder if its possible to cash out these virtual items and turn them into real world money or items. The answer is…

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