The Square’s One and Only Pet Store

By: Juanita Sellers

McGinley Square is home to many businesses that are swiftly gaining in popularity. The square is home to bars, mom and pops, organizations and many more. While there are many of the same kind of businesses there is only one pet store. 

The two year anniversary of JC Pet – Topia, McGinley Square’s only pet store, is approaching. Located at 729A Bergen Ave, Jersey City, NJ, the woman-owned pet store continues to thrive. 

Grooming services, fresh food, and dog ice cream are some of the features offered here. The store primarily provides food for dogs and cats. While there are some options available for other animals, anything you need that you don’t see can be ordered through the store. 

Pet – Topia seeks to provide affordable prices to the community. Since the community is who supports them they try to show appreciation for that.

Pet – Topia’s Manager Daniela Argueta said, “People in this area aren’t used to prices like in the downtown area. Over here we try to make sure our prices are not that high to be considerate because a lot of people can’t afford that.”

Besides the competitive prices, the pet store sometimes offers discounts, gift cards and more to the community as a gift for their continuous support. They attend other business events and include discounts in their mailers for new residents moving to the area.

One of the store’s popular item is the ice cream for dogs. Offered in many flavors the puppies enjoy this delicious treat as much as us. 

“When people go to Starbucks they get the puppuccino and I think dogs need ice cream too. We list the ingredients for dogs allergic to anything.” says Argueta. 

Alongside treats, food, and supplies they have licensed groomers in the shop. This was a need for the community because there aren’t many pet stores in this area. Three different groomers are currently in the shop. They each take a different number of clients a day depending on what they can handle.

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