Dessert at Marco & Pepe, just down the block from dinner

Marco & Pepe is known for their gourmet twist on simple comfort foods, but today, we’re focusing on their decadent desserts. I made my own dessert plate with Banana Bread Pudding Cupcake, Peaches and Cream Gelato, and Blackberry Cabernet Sorbetto. The cupcake tasted like Banana pudding, and the Gelato….flawless, creamy, and most importantly not overwhelmingly sweet, the sorbetto tasted like a frozen Cabernet slushy, tart and just the right amount of wine.
You can can even see the peach bits mixed in!
I couldn’t stop there, I had to try more!!  Round number 2, I picked the Mango Coconut Crème Brulee, I wanted to try another flavor gelato, but I craved more of the Peaches and Crème so, it made a second appearance, and Strawberry Merlot Sorbetto. The Crème Brulee was phenomenal, a slight hint of coconut, the mango taste was a bit stronger, it melted to the touch of your tongue. You don’t need a lot, a small bite is enough to savor for a few wonderful seconds. Things are still “peachy” with the gelato, not a single regret. The Strawberry Merlot Sorbetto was stronger than the Blackberry Cabernet, it had a deep taste, a little bitter, in a good way, but definitely an acquired taste.

Coated with crystal candy to give this beauty the finishing touch.


There are plenty of other desserts to try, have a look!

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