Kids Say the Smartest Things

By Briana Benitez, Class of 2017

They say kids say the darnedest things but when it comes to diversity and racism they actually say the smartest things.

Julian Duque, a 10-year-old Jersey City native, grimaces at the thought of there being a world without diversity.

“One of my best friends is from a complete different country and if we didn’t have diversity then I wouldn’t have him,” said Duque.

Racism continues to cause tension throughout the United States. This past weekend Orioles player, Adam Jones, was the subject of racial slurs at Fenway Park. Many wonder whether these tensions influence children. According to several studies, at ten years old children are sponges, they soak up all the words and actions displayed by their family, friends, and teachers.

According to, Jersey City, with a population of 264,000, was recognized as the most culturally diverse city in America. It ranked No. 2 in
ethno-racial diversity, No. 1 in linguistics and No. 151 in birthplace diversity. According to the U.S. Census,
Jersey City’s population is 32.7 percent white, 25.8 percent black and 23.7 percent Asian.

We wondered what the children of Jersey City think on the subject of racism and whether or not it influences them.

Talen Aslop

“It’s boring without diversity,” said 10-year-old Talen Alsop.

Three children were interviewed on what their cultural background is and whether or not they think diversity is an important part of life. Growing up in Jersey City has rooted these children close to the subject of acceptance because each child agreed they would not want to live in a world where diversity was not apart of their everyday.

Watch their interviews here:

The Importanceof DIversity

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