Students with Tattoos

Q & A with Erin Rooney

Q: How do you feel that the meaning of tattoos has changed?

A: It has changed from being a sign of delinquency to a form of art work.

Q: What was your first tattoo and what inspired you to get it?

A: It was a memorial on my foot for a family member I lost.

Q: which tattoo is your favorite?

A: the one on my foot because I designed it and it’s more personal to me. It’s MY tattoo.

Q & A with Chef JoyIMG_9172

IMG_9173Q: How do you think people perceive you being that you have so many tattoos?

A: Some people stare at me, I’m not sure if it’s in admiration or distain. I had a girl at my school openly admit that she was afraid of me and that I wasn’t a person she could ever trust because of my tattoos. I was a little surprised because so many people have tattoos nowadays but I guess she’s entitled to her own opinion.

Q: Do you plan on getting more?

A: I definitely plan on getting more, tattoos are beautiful artwork. I’m not going to stop getting tattoos just because one person is afraid of me for a silly reason.

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