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The Stigma: Tattoos have always had a bad stigma with them. The only people that had tattoos were prisoners, delinquents, and gang membIMG_9178ers. Prisoners would use tattoos as a way to illustrate their gang affiliation and as a way to intimidate other people. In reality, this is far from the truth.

History: During the holocaust, prisoners in the concentration camps were tattooed with a number to identify them. They were stripped of their name and dehumanized to be just a number. There are probably some people in this world that because of that they will never believe in purposely branding yourself with tattoo ink.

The Purpose: The purpose of tattoos has changed dramatically. Nowadays people use tattoos as a way to express themselves. People use their bodies as a canvas. Instead of putting a pen to paper, drawing a picture, and hanging it on a wall, their bodies are a work of art. There are some people that have cPhotoGrid951418145773936overed every inch of their body with tattoos.

Reactions: Some people are intrigued by tattoos however there are still some people that believe in the negative connotation associated with people that have tattoos.

Older Tattoos: Most tattoos back in the day were tribal symbols. Most of the tattoos were done in black and white and they were usIMG_9180ually dark and grungy. There were a lot of skull and crossbones, along with military style tattoos. Now that color has been introduced tattoos are evolving to be much brighter and appealing with vibrant colors. People are creating works of art on their bodies.

People with tattoos are at times feared because people think they’re up to no good. They assume tphotohat people with tattoos are rebellious, dangerous creatures. Some people have an entirely different view of people with tattoos.

Teens with Tats: Another big change in the tattoo world is the people that are getting tattoos. Although the legal age to get a tattoo is 18, there are a lot of underground tattoo artist that will still tattoo minors without parental consent.

A lot of young people use tattoos as a way to express themselves. They also use their bodies, as a way to remember loved ones that they’ve lost.

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