Groove on you’re way home!

Residents of Downtown Jersey City look forward to the musical nights of Groove on Grove every year starting April through September. Local bands of JC perform original songs on stage for commuters using the Grove street path station every Wednesday night from six to nine. The event hosted by Tony Susco, also known as Dancing Tony is a method to get the residents of Jersey City involved with local businesses and talents.

“Most of the local artist that like to play do it not only to show case themselves locally but also to support Jersey City as residents,” said Susco.

Bryan Beninghove and The Beninghove’s Hangman are local residents of Jersey City who have played for the Groove on Grove event since it started and have watched it progressively grow.

“Grove on Grove has been running now on its fourth season. It started out as a much smaller event, actually we use to do about two hours a week, and now we do three hours every week,” said Susco.

Each concert performed at Groove on Grove is coordinated by Susco, and sponsored by local businesses such as, Taco Truck, and Grove Street Bicycles, though Historic Downtown Special Improvement District (HDSID) still funds.

“This event is free and it’s great! Specially for the little ones, they get to run around and dance at the plaza to groovy beats,” said Katelyn Morris, ten-year resident of Downtown Jersey City.


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