Some Tasty Treats: The CupCake Salon



When walking into the pink and black front of the 335 Grove Street store, one feels as though they are entertaining a different kind of world. The store is modest, but its imagery is effective.

Baked goods decorate your surroundings and the combination of pink,, black, and silver is not only relaxing on the eyes, but oddly also calming. It makes you feel as though you want to just sit down and taste something sweet, sugary, and delicious, and when you come to The CupCake Salon, everything is made from scratch.

“Growing up, my mother baked a lot and really wanted me to watch and learn from her,” said Cynthia Hankerson, the owner of CupCake Salon. “[But] I was not allowed to use any machines [and] it all had to be from scratch.”

What’s appealing about CupCake Salon is how tiny and grassroots it feels. Hankerson has only been in her Grove location for eighteen months, having originally started in Newport Mall as a kiosk. Though her goals include expanding back into the kiosk market, CupCake Salon’s aim is to expand further. A goal that seems more and more realistic as more people fall in love with the homemade cupcakes.

“Her cupcakes are special because there’s just something about them that tastes diffeent,” commented a male patron. “They’re very soft and the icing is just right. I mean, you’re eating a cupcake, not air. You need it to be just right.”

The flavors in which all the tasty treats come in, which can be seen here, are almost just as creative as the store itself: Peanut Butter Dream, Chocolate Lovers, Goin’ Banana, Paradise (buttercream, coconut, lemon), 18 Karat (carrot and buttercream) and many more. With such variety, it’s almost impossible to say no.

After CupCake Salon, those in need of something more fulling will fine Stella’s, a Greek-owned pizza place.

Too many sweets? See what else there is:


EXTRA: Want a taste? Check out CupCake Salon’s Menu.

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