Another Man’s Treasure: A Thrifter’s Vintage-Must!



Another Man’s Treasure is kind of a hard store to miss. Among the brick walls and cement streets, the bright neon pink sign makes the store stand out like a colorful, extravagant sore thumb.

Located on 353 Grove Street, Another Man’s Treasure has a rich five-year history in Jersey City. Starting out on Brunswick street and then moving to Grove for more window space and bigger storage, Meika Franz, the co-owner of the vintage shop,  is easily one of the most passionate people you’ll meet when it comes to vintage clothing. The story of the store’s name even comes from her thrifting adventures.

“We used to go around looking for things ourselves,” said Franz. “We used to always see those guy who would go, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”, so we when opened the store, we knew it was the obvious choice.”

In the full interview, which can be viewed below, Franz speaks on the history of Another Man’s Treasure and its growth to its current Grove Street location. Franz also speaks on how the typical Grove shopper will always be able to find a strong signature and classic piece when browsing the shop.

During our experience in the shop, we experienced a warm and welcoming vibe. The customers mingled and the staff, which included Meika and the ever-charming Taylor, seemed to enjoy being in the store and being around all the items than one might expect the average worker to enjoy their job.

“[My favorite purchase I’ve made] is everything, really,” said Taylor with a laugh, in a interview that can be seen here. “I literally buy [something new] every day.”

With Christmas right around the corner, Another Man’s Treasure is sure to be a complete bounty of beautiful pieces and signature outfit makers that anyone would want underneath  the tree.

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Let’s travel further down Grove:


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