Greek in Italy: Stella’s Pizza



One thing that can be said about Stella’s Pizza is that it has a history within Jersey City and especially its residence on Grove Street, 315 Grove Street. The place was opened over forty-years ago by John and Stella Pimenidis. The family’s Greek routes show in the flavor and attitude of the food, with Stella’s still providing classical Italian dishes.

Most interesting is what the Greeks and Italians have in common that can be found in Stella’s – a sense of family.

“We don’t really get a lot of college kids,” said George Pimenidis, a worker at Stella’s. “We’re more of a family place, [like with] the seating and everything.”

What isn’t shocking is the quality of the food. If you order from the place, you could end up waiting for around forty-five minutes for your pizza, but we can personally vouch that the wait is worth it. The atmosphere is relaxing and makes all fee lat home.

To quote George, what makes Stella’s special is that it’s really a place to come chill, enjoy a slice of pizza and talk to people you’ve known for years.

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EXTRA: A little Greek or a little Italia? Read the menu here.

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