Best sports bar in town

If you are looking for a great sports bar Black Bear Bar & Grill on 205 Washington St. in Hoboken is seen as the best in the county. Around football season means new faces to the bar all the time, especially after the renovations and added flat screens. The bar is usually packed on game days.   “This time of year business really does begin to pick up” says Chrystal Summers a bartender at Black Bear.

Regulars of the bar prefer this over any other bar in the area. . The low prices and specials being at a reasonable level is a main factor to this bars popularity. People from all around the county come here just to watch their favorite teams play. It’s a low cost way to have fun. “Prices are pretty good you know, especially with the three dollar drafts and deals on pitchers” says Josh Freeman a regular at Black Bear

Another thing that sets this place apart from other bars is the food. It has a beautiful dining section towards the back of the bar. Grilled foods are the specialty, but wings and appetizers are a just as popular. The atmosphere inside of Black Bear is very relaxed and comfortable. The employees are nothing but polite to patrons. These are just a few of the reasons why you should stop in at Black Bear Bar & Grill.

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