Home of the “Hurricane”

Oddfellows Rest Louisiana Bar and Restaurant

80 River St
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 656-9009

Amstel Light
Bass Ale
Black & Tan
Blue Moon
Blue Moon Seasonal
Coors Light
Miller Light
Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Samuel Adams Seasonal
Stella Artois

CRAFT BEER                                                              BOTTLE BEER
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (Draft)                 Abita Purple Haze        Franziskaner Weisse
Allagash White Ale (Bottle)                            Abita Turbo Dog           Heineken
Abita Purple Haze (Bottle)                             Amstel Light                 Heineken Light
Abita Turbo Dog (Bottle)                                Bud Light                     Woodpecker Cider
Rogue Dead Guy Ale (Bottle)                         Budweiser                    Miller light
Lagunitas IPA (Bottle)                                   Corona                        Coors Light
Goose Island IPA (Draft)                                Corona Light                O’Doul’s NA

Watch Kiki below in Oddfellows and get your own look at the bar.

Oddfellows is the home of the “Hurricane” drink. It is the strongest drink with a three pint limit.

Although during Happy Hour, they serve a “less potent” version of the infamous drink.

Unlike Texas Arizona, here there is no bouncer Checking ID’s at the door. Here you get greeted by a female hostess who is casually dressed to a more relaxed atmosphere with dim lighting. Oddfellows was a lot smaller than Texas Arizona and here it seems like one can find a lot of “regulars.”

During happy hour the main room is pretty packed and at night time there is an outside patio where you can sit at and enjoy the nighttime sky. Here at Oddfellows they have a second room with two pool tables with a rather decorative traveler theme. There were liscence plates that covered the room.

This place was alright I definitely recommend this place but I would say there is no need to dress up, come on down with flats and a t-shirt. It has a good atmosphere that makes for great social activities. It is like a regular bar like most bars in Hoboken, although you do get a strong drink in a
relaxed atmosphere. This bar will be sure to not dissapoint.

Directions to Oddfellows

Next stop, Scotland Yard…

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