A Word from the Athletic Director at Saint Peter’s

Saint Peter’s athletic director, Joe Quinlan, also spoke his thoughts on the life of a college-athlete. Even though Mr. Quinlan wasn’t a student athlete himself, he always had a place for sports in his heart. As he sees it, finding the balance between being a student and an athlete all depends on one’s time management skills and equal dedication to both academics and athletics.

Time management came up once again while discussing how athletes wanting to intern during their season can be an issue for their athletic careers.

“A student-athlete should be present at practice and matches, otherwise it can affect the entire team,” said Mr. Quinlan. “If you receive a $20,000 scholarship, you’re probably not going to make that match at an internship,” he continued.

It is not, however, impossible to manage the two together. He suggests communication between the student and its employer is vital for arranging a schedule that fits both needs: work and college.

Mr. Quinlan not only spoke about what students should do on their own, but also of what the school (including himself) aims to achieve for the future and shared some of his goals to improve the academic program.

Listen to the audio below for more.




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