Organization for the orphans

After graduating from Saint Peter’s College in 2007, Fred Joseph got a job at Mutual Omaha as a financial advisor. He was doing well. On January 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, his native country. Joseph quit his job and went back to help out. Joseph lived in Haiti for several months and was supported by his family. While there, he started a non-profit organization. The organization, Help Us Save Us, was born. The main is located in Irvington, New Jersey and the camp is in Saint Raphael, Haiti. They oversee about 300 children; the majority of them are orphans who lost their parents during the earthquake. They provide food and toileteries to the children. They educate the children on how to take care of their bodies. The children also get to do fun activities, like playing basketball, swimming, or just tag. It’s a moment where the children can escape their reality.

The Haitian people are not willing to move to other parts. The people from the south of Haiti, have an idea about the north and the same for the north so they try to stay in their area. His goal is to help the children to network and know that the south of Haiti is not bad, and for the others to know the North of Haiti is not bad also. It is a way of bringing Haiti Haiti together because the people do not really like to migrate to other sections.

Joseph thanks his parents for the opportunities he received in the United States, and being involved in different activities kept him grounded and out of trouble;that’s the same opportunity he would like to bring the children.

Help Us Save Us plans to build a children center. The center will help them expand to 500 children and they will be able to provide them with three meals a day. the overall goal is to provide clean water, a clinic, trade schools and cabins with 500 beds. You can donate or volunteer with the charity by logging on to their website,

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