Hudson County Parks: All Wired up!



Hudson County Park-goers will be treated to some great new technological upgrades.  Both Stephen R. Gregg and Lincoln Park now are fully equipped with free public wi-fi, Security cameras, and solar panels.  Park-goers can access the internet for three hours at a time at “hot-spots” in both of the parks.  People now can use their I-pads and internet gaming devices while relaxing in their county park.

“We have our two biggest parks up and running with these new technologies,” said Tom McCann, Director of Hudson County Parks.   “Our goal is to try and equipped one park a year.”  There are eight parks in Hudson County and the largest ones are completed.

Hudson County is going high-tech in an eco-friendly way. Right now they are using solar panels that will help provide electricity to the county buildings.  These panels collect energy and will helpprevent “brown outs.”  They are also investigating other forms of beneficial power sources such as wind.

Criminals be warned, the park has new security cameras. There are twenty-six cameras in Lincoln Park and thirty cameras in Stephen R. Gregg Park. These cameras are primarily to look out for the safety and best interest of the public.  “We’re not here to look at people in the park; we are here to protect the people in the park,” said Joe Cecchini, Director of Maintenance Services.

These cameras have helped stopped graffiti and  aided police when there was a car accident. The cameras have also created a running record of pictures that is a very organized and effective tool. Only the proper authorities can view these cameras so have no fear.  These new advancements should make for exciting opportunities such as promoting outdoor classrooms.  There are also some other wonderful projects in the works, but you are all going to have to wait and find out.  So don’t get caught in the dark, come to a Hudson County Park.

By: Rose Jacobson


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  1. thedirtjc says:

    Great story Rose!

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