The Young and The Occupied

Rise Up and Occupy
Rise Up and Occupy

Occupy Wall Street has been a worldwide phenomenon originating in the hearts and dreams of middle class Americans ever since the downturn of our economic situation.

This movement has captivated and inspired the youth of America as many of them are beginning to recognize their unfortunate future standings given our current crisis. Numerous young people have traveled from all around the U.S. in an effort to get their desperate and hopeful voices heard by the 1% of Americans who apparently control their futures.

It is amazing to see an entire generation understand the importance of standing up and fighting for what they believe in.

Occupy goes beyond the battle between the 99% and the 1% and forces people to focus on other issues, like Guantanamo and the Go Green Movement. If they can gain awareness in one area of corruption, nothing will prevent the youth of America from making a genuine difference in bringing about this necessary change.

Occupy Slide Show

Meet the Youth

Occupy Wall Street      The Occupied Wall Street Journal

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