The Price is Right

Scotland Yard

72 Hudson St
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 222-9273

This is definitely the best Happy Hour in town. Well, at least the least expensive and as a college student that is important. Here there are $2 dollar beer specials and shots. This place is the smallest of the three with an appealing entrance.

As soon as you enter the doors to this bar you walk down these stairs and walk into a dim lit, small, wrap around bar. There are a few flat screened televisions that had ESPN on and during Happy Hour there was just one bartender. Although, she did deliver quick and friendly service. There is beer pong in the back and a convenient 24 hour diner next door. They also have an outdoor smoking area directly behind the backroom bar.

Scotland Yard has a “Dive Bar” look to it with a variety of beer selection. Although most of the people there I noticed were drinking a lot of whiskey and draft beer. The small area makes it feel comfortable as you get treated like you are a regular. This bar had the friendliest of crowds.

Watch Kiki in Scotland Yard.

Directions to Scotland Yard

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