Mariah on Medical Marijuana

By Annalisa Leite, Class of 2019


When Mariah wakes up in the morning and her daily stretches don’t help her get rid of her pain, she turns to her newest prescription medication, Medical Marijuana. 

Mariah began taking medical marijuana last February for chronic pain and anxiety. At first, she would make her own oils with the medical marijuana, but she soon realized that she needed something stronger.

“There aren’t many dispensaries in New Jersey,” Mariah said, “I went to the Garden
State Dispensary in Woodbridge, but they didn’t have a lot of options.” That is when Mariah discovered the dispensary she now relies on, Curaleaf.

“Smoking isn’t how I wanted to take my medicines, so I was more interested in edibles,” said Mariah, “Curaleaf had a lot of options.”

Mariah was able to find lozenges as well as CBD and THC pills at Curaleaf. Mariah relies on this dispensary but stressed how important it is that more dispensaries are needed.

“I live in Keansburg, and Curaleaf is located in Bellmawr, which is a 2-hour drive,” said Mariah, “I wish there was one closer that I could go to more often.”

Mariah also explained how strict and intimidating going to a Dispensary can be. “You aren’t allowed to have your phone out, because pictures aren’t allowed. You have to have your medical card in hand that’s like your prescription with your state ID,” Mariah shared, “I have to go in the room with the marijuana alone, not even my parents can come because they don’t have medical cards. The first time I went I was a little nervous,” Mariah explained.

Mariah visits the dispensary every few months to replenish her prescription.

“I think there is one key difference between recreational and medical marijuana,” Mariah said, “recreational marijuana is more for enjoyment, while I use medical marijuana because I need it for my chronic pain and my anxiety.”


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