Karl Horvat of Sticky Fingrs

By Michael Hester, Class of 2019   Karl Horvat is the Chief Operations Officer of Sticky Fingrs, a company that specializes in making the world’s first fingertip grinder for marijuana and medicinal herbs. Horvat and his team have been working on this since March of 2017 and they officially launched their product three months ago….

Mariah on Medical Marijuana

By Annalisa Leite, Class of 2019   When Mariah wakes up in the morning and her daily stretches don’t help her get rid of her pain, she turns to her newest prescription medication, Medical Marijuana.  Mariah began taking medical marijuana last February for chronic pain and anxiety. At first, she would make her own oils…

Prevention: The Fight Against Legalization

By Annalisa Leite, Class of 2019 “A stronger and fairer New Jersey embraces comprehensive criminal justice reform — including a process to legalize marijuana,” said Governor Philip Murphy during his Inauguration speech on January 16, 2018. Since Murphy became governor, New Jersey has been waiting for legalization to become a reality. On November 26th, New…

A Cop In Jamaica Speaks Out Against Marijuana

By Chevoyne Green, Class of 2020 A typical morning for the officer as he enjoys his fresh brewed cup of coffee in one hand is reading another issue of his favorite newspaper issue of The Jamaica Observer. He sets his mug down and his eyes avert to the distinctive smell coming from the cracked window….