A Cop In Jamaica Speaks Out Against Marijuana

By Chevoyne Green, Class of 2020

A typical morning for the officer as he enjoys his fresh brewed cup of coffee in one hand is reading another issue of his favorite newspaper issue of The Jamaica Observer. He sets his mug down and his eyes avert to the distinctive smell coming from the cracked window. “Dem love smoke ganja,” he chuckles to himself before placing the paper down.

“I definitely believe marijuana should be illegal,” said the Jamaican native.

Dominic Souden shares his perspective on marijuana in Jamaica.

A police officer, by the name of  Dominic Souden, has serviced Jamaica for over six years. The 25-year-old works for the town of Church Lincoln, Westmoreland. He enjoys working for in his community. Each and every day, it is a new experience that Souden encounters.

Jamaica is widely known for their natural resources such as coffee, sugar cane, rum, and more. The country is also well-known for its marijuana. The drug is typically associated with the island in the Caribbean. Souden is aware of the references that are made about Jamaica and marijuana. As a police officer, he encounters marijuana use and the distribution often.

He mentions that marijuana is transported in Jamaica mainly by vehicles such as a car, truck, or motorcycle. Others distribute the drug by walking to their destination. However, one can be penalized for the amount of marijuana that they carry around, similar to America.

“Marijuana is transported by many different means here in Jamaica as anywhere else in the world. The easiest way for a person to do it is by vehicular which often comes in shape of a motorcycle, seeing that it is faster and can easily evade the law enforcement officers if pursued,” the police officer stated.

He strongly believes that marijuana should be illegal. As a law enforcer, he is exposed to the dangers that marijuana distribution and use it has on civilians. Despite the medical benefits of the drug, he believes that marijuana has negative effects on teens, especially pertaining to recreational use. Souden explains some teens often abuse the drug by using it both inside and outside of school.

There are also issues with lacing marijuana which is another reason why the Westmoreland police officer believes that it should be illegal.

“I often hear stories that some people use lizard tail. or embalming fluid. Sometimes, the effects are too great for the user and can send them into a psychological breakdown,” said Domonic Souders

He continues to educate teens on the impact of marijuana while trying to promote a safer environment for Westmoreland.

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