Two In One: The Beechwood Cafe



Many may not to see businesses cutting themselves in half lately, but Beechwood Cafe offers two different services at once: the left side of the store is a market where one can purchase baked goods, drinks, food, and even other items like pottery and jewelry  It definitely helps inspire a nice, creative kind of vibe in the air.

The other half is a fun and laid back cafe with a BYOB policy that allows for good times and discussion among friends on a day out away from work. Our inside tip highly recommends that brunch is easily the best menu the cafe has to offer, so making a trip in the late morning may serve you better than late at night.

“I’ve only really started working here, but everyone I know just loves their breakfast and brunch menus,” said David Vias, a barista who works within the market side of Beechwood. “This place just has a cool vibe. People’s dogs can even come into the market side, so it benefits the community too.”

The cafe and market combo, located on 290 Grove Street, does indeed hold a really cool and laid back vibe that plays well into the name. One chilling at Beechwood, one is more likely to lounge, enjoy some breakfast and enjoy the free time. There will be no rushing or bad attitudes here – just good vibes.

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EXTRA: Click here to read Beechwood’s famous brunch menu.

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