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Mayor Steven Fulop of Jersey City expressed his hope for the upcoming development at McGinley Square and for the further development which could occur throughout Jersey City as a whole.

Mayor Steven Fulop
Mayor Steven Fulop has presided as Mayor of Jersey City since July 2013. He expressed hope for the development at McGinley Square and throughout Jersey City as a whole.

“It’s really exciting to have significant investment happening in the inner part of the city and the area that is ripe for revitalization,” he said.

And according to the mayor, who was elected to office in 2013, the multifaceted project at McGinley Square could reap various benefits for the area.

“There is going to be a residential component, a commercial component,” he said. “There’s going to be activity on the street. It’s going to be a great thing for the inner portion of the city.”

But McGinley Square remains only one part of the larger string of development occurring throughout Jersey City—perhaps most obviously in areas such as the Waterfront and Grove Street.  However, according to Fulop, McGinley Square and Journal Square stand most poised to profit “from the natural progression of development in the city.”

“I think Jersey City is leading the way in the state of New Jersey,” the Mayor remarked. “It’s one of the best stories in the entire country—as it relates to revitalization of a once industrial city.”

In regard to the concerns of some McGinley Square residents about being pushed out of the community, Fulop offered some considerations.

“We’re trying to balance and keep the texture in the community,” he said. “People are always concerned about change, and change has to be gradual. But this project is not going to push people out of the area. It’s an added value to the community and I think more and more people in that area want to see investment.”

Golden Door
As “America’s Golden Door,” Jersey City maintains a diverse ethnic and socioeconomic identity.

And some people living in the McGinley Square area have expressed excitement for the upcoming project. To hear their say and the opinions of other members of the McGinley Square community, click here.

Overall, despite some opposition, Fulop maintains hope that the development at McGinley Square and throughout Jersey City as a whole will cement the city’s place as a premier New Jersey destination.

“I think Jersey City is going to be a cultural hub with a continued thriving arts community and continue to be one of the most diverse communities in the country, a growing city overtaking Newark as the largest city in the state of New Jersey,” he said. “A destination city for the entire state of New Jersey.”

For full audio interviews and transcriptions click here: Mayor Steven Fulop.




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